You’d Think Cycling, Swimming and Running Would Be Enough Triathlon Training…

You’d Think Cycling, Swimming and Running Would Be Enough Triathlon Training…

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… but I’m finding that strength training is equally important.  Yesterday I raked the lawn for a few hours and I woke up very sore today.  I was still able to do my swim workout ok, but am pretty sure that I’m going to be hurting tomorrow and I have a 20 mile bike ride ahead.

It’s easy to think that you’re getting all you need when you’re practicing the three events in the triathlon, even when most triathlon training sites and articles say that you should add some strength training (here’s a good one about off-season training that includes the strength training recommendation:

I could certainly understand that strength training would help because you do need to use many muscles in each event.  Abdominal muscles are used to maintain good form in biking, running and swimming.  When biking, your arm muscles are needed to support you on your handlebars and absorb shock from rougher terrain.

But perhaps more importantly, being in better physical condition overall helps you perform in and recover from other types of activities.  Like raking, mowing the lawn, taking out garbage, walking with your wife, playing with the dogs, moving furniture…  It’s better to do everything you can to fit other activities into your life and not limit yourself to just doing the minimal amount of training (even when it feels like an insane amount of training).

I’m going to try to add in some strength training – weights, calisthenics (does anyone remember what those are?), yoga, Wii fitness games – and build muscle wherever possible so I can stay in the best condition possible for the Tri Jax Challenge!

Love to hear your questions, comments, suggestions!  Thanks so much for listening!


– Chris



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