Fast Forward 90 Days

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It’s been a while since I’ve written, but luckily it’s not because I was trying to avoid accountability or anything. In fact, a bunch of really cool things have happened in the last 90 days!

  1. I’ve completed a 2nd triathlon (well, it was really a duathlon – run/bike/run – because the risk of rip currents was too high)
  2. I got a great job working at a credit union (if you don’t know what credit unions are, exactly, they’re a totally awesome financial institution – way better than banks b/c they are a cooperative.  Banks are owned by shareholders so to make money for them they tack on fees and find other ways of extracting money from customers to be more profitable.  Credit unions are member-owned, so there’s no profits going to anyone but the members.  Rates are better, fees are extremely low and service is tons better.)
  3. My wife and I have our beehives and are learning a lot and having a great time as beekeepers
  4. I’ve now lost a total of more than 100 lbs!  (2 lbs away from my lifetime goal)

Now I’m training for an Olympic-distance triathlon (0.9 mi swim, 25 mi bike, 6.2 mi run, or if you are in a country that actually adopted the more easily manageable metric system: 1500 meter swim, 40K bike ride, 10K run) and I have a few ‘adventure’ races on the calendar, culminating with Tough Mudder December 1 in Tampa.

One thing I’ve tried with my training and competition is adding energy gels/supplements.  I’ve tried several, and here’s my quick and dirty review of each.

Gu Energy Gel – Tastes good (my favorite so far is the Strawberry Banana), give a good, long-lasting energy boost (i dont’ use caffeinated ones – don’t see the point since caffeine works much more slowly than sugar)

Powerbar Energy Gel – Tastes ok, a little liquidy (by design, I know, but still not my preference).  Decent energy boost (takes maybe a touch longer to get going), but the biggest problem to me is that I seem to get nauseated after about an hour or so into my cardio training.

Quest Bars – I’ve got an assortment of these and have only tried one so far but I really liked it (wild berry was the flavor I tried).   The selling point of Quest bars is that they have very few “active carbs” (i.e., alcohol sugars) and a good dose of protein.  Feel hard as a rock in the wrapper, but actually have a pretty good texture when you’re eating them.  Non-chocolate flavors are a little better than the chocolate flavors, IMO.

CLIF SHOT BLOKS – I like these a lot – little gel blocks.  3 = 1 energy gel pack.  Seem like there’s more moisture in these so you don’t need to wash them down with so much water.  Plus you can take fewer than the whole energy gel pack more easily.

Honey Stinger – Pretty neat product, tasty little wafer endorsed by Lance Armstrong.  Can’t recall how well I felt it worked, but have another one on deck to try!

I think it’s a coincidence, but on some of the weeks where I’ve not lost as much weight or *gulp* gained a bit have been weeks when I’ve consumed a few energy booster products.  I’d like to find the balance between over-carbo-loading and ‘bonking’ (just learned that term – know what it is? It’s the term marathon runners use to describe what happens when they go beyond the point where their bodies are using sugars for energy and dip into their protein (muscle) stores for energy.  Now you know what it is, too!).  I’ll keep experimenting.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

So, that’s the skinny.  I’ll try to share some more about all of that a little more frequently.  Look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions.  Thanks so much for listening!

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