Can You Explain What It Is You Do in 7 Words?

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I found this on a LinkedIn group and loved it so much that I thought I would borrow it.  I can’t wait to see your responses!

Here’s the challenge: Without using “I” or “me” or the name of your company, explain what you do in 7 words.

Let’s hear ’em!

44 thoughts on “Can You Explain What It Is You Do in 7 Words?

  1. Interesting experiment. Two tries:

    Create value through goodwill and understanding, dudes!

    (i needed a seventh word)


    solve business challenges through effective stakeholder interactions

    I like this one, but “business” should probably be replaced by “client” — they’re not all businesses, though mist are concerned with “business challenges”

    Our boilerplate, more descriptive (and marketing-y) than thoughtful, for comparison:

    Keymer is a strategic communications consulting firm specializing in public affairs, corporate communications, and crisis management. The firm has offices in Jacksonville, FL and Washington, D.C., and serves clients in the USA, Europe, and elsewhere.

    Keymer was founded as a challenger agency – to offer an alternative to the big-name firms by providing top quality services without the internal pressures that can detract from a true focus on clients and their objectives. This manifests itself in a solid commitment to personal service, high levels of responsiveness, realistic reporting and measures-of-effect, and fair pricing with no hidden surprises. More information is available at

    (in the great PR tradition of the cobbler’s children not having any shoes, this could probably bear a rewrite)

    1. Good ones, Simon! I think that the 7-word ones can be useful when you personally only have a couple seconds to tell people what you do. Very well put and nice use of the 7th word! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Generating new career opportunities through Meaningful Use.
    Aka:Exceutive Informatics Recruiter at The HCI Group

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